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Synozol K-Plus are a new generation of environmentally friendly reactive dyes. The point of differentiation compared with conventional dyes is in terms of their soaping off properties. Due to their high fixation degree and easy washing off properties, we can reduce the number of washing baths. They are also energy-saving with reduced CO2, due to the low-temperature required for soaping.

- Excellent leveling and reproducibility
- Increased production
- Excellent overall fastness properties
- Reduce washing baths and less water consumption

Synozol Ultra DS dyes have been developed to produce cost effective medium to dark shades while offering ease of application across most continuous dyeing , printing and exhaust dyeing processes giving high reproducibility and good overall fastness. They have increased build up properties. Therefore it is possible to make much deeper shades with a reduced amount of dye compare to conventional dyestuffs.

- Flexible application method
- Excellent build up in very dark shades and cost effect dyeing
- Excellent washing off and high overall fastness properties

The Synozol K dyestuffs are a range of reactive dyestuffs which have a modified chemical structure giving them unique properties. They are less sensitive to various dyeing conditions. They can be applied under the same dyeing conditions as with conventional bi-functional dyes. The trichromatic combination has excellent compatibility and brighter shades can be produced. They give good laboratory to bulk reproducibility with excellent compatibility. Synozol K-Dyes are recommended for Right-First-Time dyeing.

Synozol K-HL dyes Good reproducibility for pale shades - Low sensitivity to dyeing conditions and excellent compatibility
- Good overall fastness properties, especially high light fastness for pale shades
- Homogeneous grey and violet with high light fastness

Synozol K medium For right first time dyeing in medium shades - Excellent compatibility with good right first time dyeing
- Good overall fastness properties

Synozol Brilliant K Brilliant colours with high fastness properties - A variety of bright colours for easy shade matching

The Synozol K-EF dyestuffs have been specifically engineered for use in the manufacture of high quality sportswear, active leisure wear and domestic textiles. They will meet the recent higher fastness requirements of leading garment retailers. They have excellent fastness to light and perspiration fastness for pale to medium shades.

- Meet the requirements of high quality sportswear, active leisure wear and leading garments retailers
- Excellent overall fastness properties
- High degree of fixation and good washing-off properties

The Synozol Ultra Black Dyestuffs have been specifically produced to overcome the problems normally associated with full black dyes. Deeper shades with lower % dye application can be achieved this results in easier washing off, better fastness and a decrease in water and energy use.

- Excellent build up properties, cost effective
- Good washing off properties and good wet fastness